Meet Doug

Here are my basics; I’m a graduate of Simpson College originally from Iowa and now a proud Springfield resident for 20+ years. I attended college while working full time and newly married to my still lovely wife, Jennifer who is the mother of my two ever growing children. I graduated college in 1998, passed my CPA exam in 2001 after working a few years and settling into Springfield Missouri. Since 2001 my work experience includes 15 years of public accounting at local firms and 5 years in the private sector while developing my own small firm with the dream of becoming self-employed.


Here’s the more interesting part; I believe in community and have a long history of volunteer work. I know the dedication it takes to build from less. COVID has taught many of us how to restructure how we view life. I choose to take my part time business to full time in the midst of the chaos. It is my mission to bridge the gap between product and customer because peoples’ businesses are their passions. Just like mine.