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Meet Doug

Here are the basics; I’m a graduate of Simpson College and originally from Iowa. While in college, I worked full-time (sometimes 3 different jobs at a time) while convincing my now wife, Jennifer to marry me. I graduated in 1998, obtained my CPA license and we moved to Springfield Missouri in 2001. My work experience includes 15 years of public accounting and 5 years in the private sector while developing my own small firm - on the side, with the dream that one day I'd be self-employed.  


Here’s the more interesting part; I believe in community and have a long history of volunteerism and advocacy. I understand the power of work. I wasn't raised with excess and have the dedication it takes to build from less. I chose to take my chance at full time self-employment during the COVID chaos.


I find the greatest satisfaction in helping others succeed. My wife calls me an outlier. My children tell me not to sing - actually, everyone does that! I hope you tell me I've encouraged you to move past dreams to reality. 

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