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Assurance CPA

Managing all of your accounting needs

Assurance CPA provides guidance and support through dependable accounting and tax services. Our customers can rest with confidence that your needs are covered. We discuss your expectations and provide individualized guidance. Assurance CPA is about building long-term relationships prioritizing the process of financial stability and growth through allegiance to your vision. Using the latest cloud accounting software, taking you from W2 or business receipt to the year-end individual tax return or corporate tax return.  Payroll without the headache and stress of calculating tax withholding and direct deposit, we have you covered there too.

Tax & Accounting Services

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Prepare and confidently file your personal income tax return stress free.  Including all appropriate schedules within the individual tax return like reporting business income, rental property activity, and investment gains or losses.


Our CPA firm provides for all your business needs. Feeling like your business accounting is a train wreck or just need someone to file the corporate tax return, our CPA can do it.


-Cloud  accounting services


-Financial statement prep

-Payroll with tax filings

-Tax return

-1099 & W2 prep


Starting a new business can be an adventure.  Do you know where or how to start?  Are you working a side hustle and now it's time to make it official?

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Meet Doug

Here is where you can learn more than his goal of providing the very best income tax return, QuickBooks guidance, payroll, consulting, corporate tax, and financial accounting services. Find out what his clients say by reviewing his customer testimonials.

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